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How to Complete Your Online Voter ID Application in India

How to Complete Your Online Voter ID Application in India

A big advantage in the current scenario, for those who wish to apply for adding their names in the electoral roll and apply for getting a voter ID card is, that you do not need to visit the election commission office to get the form, submit the application or for other tasks related to it. You can complete the entire process by submitting online voter ID card application.

To apply for the voter ID card you just need to have a computer with an internet connection, a valid phone no and an email ID and you can easily submit your online application.

To apply for an India voter ID card, you can either visit your state CEO website or you can visit the national voter’s service portal at

Steps to Complete Your Online Voter ID Application in India

The process for applying India Voter ID includes:
  • Getting the form 6 from the electoral office or online and filling it with accurate details and your passport size photograph.
  • Attaching the copy of ID proof and address proof along with the form.
  • Submitting the form online or offline.
  • After submission, you will get an application ID to which you must note down and keep with you for further reference.
  • The last step is the verification which is done by a BLO when he visits your home.
Different states in India have their own CEO website. However, the process of submitting online voter ID card application on every website can differ a little. On some websites, you can fill the form 6 online and submit it online along with the uploaded documents and photograph as well.
some state’s websites do have an option to submit the form 6 online but you need to send the documents like your ID proof and address proof by post or by personally visiting the electoral office. In some cases, you can just download the form 6 from the website but you need to visit the electoral office to submit it along with the documents and your photograph.
On the National voter’s service portal you can complete the entire process of applying for the voter ID card online. You need to click on the option for new enrollment and you will be directed to a new page displaying online form6. You can fill the form and upload your photograph. Also, you can upload the scanned copy of your ID proof and address proof and submit the form which completes the process of online election card application. There is also an option to save the form and recheck it one before submission.

So, you can also apply through NVSP if you do not want to visit the electoral office.

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