Tuesday, 5 September 2017

India Voter ID Card Info – Application, Check Status, Online and Offline, and Request Duplicate in Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab, and More

The laws for each state in India has changed over the years, and in-case you didn’t know the right to vote aligns with needing a Voter ID Card. All persons in each state need to apply for the right to vote, but can only happen once issued a Voter ID card in India. The application process is easy, but only if you know where, when, and how to apply the laws for each state may vary.

Since the inception of the ID card, the right to vote has become very popular with those living in India. While the process has changed somewhat over the years which has made it easier with online applications which has helped reduce the time while also making the application process that much easier.

There are also many ways of requesting a card for those who have lost it and ways of tracking the status once you apply. Online registration has helped reduce much of the confusion while also reducing the amount of time to receive your new card by as much as 50%.

For all you need to know, the following on the India Voter ID Card status, application,, online and offline differences, requesting a duplicate card, and so much more with varying laws by state can all be found below.

India Voter ID Card Application/Registration Online and Offline – Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab, and More

The India Voter ID card application can be completed both off-line and online. Many would say the online application process is much easier, less time consuming, and is much more convenient as it can be done from the comfort of home. Others still like the offline process as it gives you the satisfaction of assuring the process is complete.

The process is slightly different depending on which state in India you live in which is why we have created a step by step guide which can be found in the site map above. For instance, if you live in Delhi and are looking to apply online you can find the necessary form 6 at http://www.nvsp.in/.

Everything can be done online including completing the application and uploading all necessary documents. Typically, if applying online you should receive your card in the mail in as little as two weeks which is significantly more than applying in-person.

You can also apply offline at your local electoral office, but the process itself may get frustrating. The voter ID registration process to apply in-person has left many people to leave the office to apply online as the process itself saves time and doesn’t come with the same hassle. When applying offline at an electoral process, the time it takes to receive your new Voter ID Card Delhi and many other states typically take at least four weeks.

Below, we have a step by step guide on how to get your Voter ID card for any location throughout India:

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